Creative Estate: things that have been created and made by an individual, and that have rights associated with them. These could be: 1. Material 2. Recorded 3. Intellectual. For example, a painting or poem could fall into all three areas, music would fall into the last two, and an idea that is only passed on aurally would fall exclusively into the last.

My Creative Estate is available online as light, sound, and ideas.


My compositions are most easily categorized as contemporary classical.

"Highly individual and imaginative…" Composer and Broadcaster Michael Berkeley

Music Gifted In Perpetuity



Article One

A Silent Movie

A Short Lament For A Public Man

Asleep We Fall

A Summer's Dance

Awash with Summer Light

Bagatelle - A Short Waltz

Be Well

Before and After

Beside the Rain

Be Strong My Heart



Burn Bright this Night

City of Light




Day One


Deer in Field of Freshly Cut Barley


Do Not End

Dream New The World


Far More Than Life Or Love Unseen

First Breath

First Light

Fragile Earth


Full Circle





Il Giardino

In Deep of Night My World Unknown

In Endless Flight

In Search of Peace

In Time Of Darkness

Liberty and Innocence

My First My Last

"Wonderful Work. Engaging Compositions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this extraordinary listening experience."

Martin Max Schreiner, Harvard University

In Endless Flight

In Search of Peace

Liberty and Innocence

Not So Long Ago

One Summer Day

Our Homeless Voice


Rising Tide


Seeking Shelter


Ser Feliz

So Far

Step This Way

Tenderness And Night

The Art of Becoming

The Barman

The Bread We Share

The Wren in Winter

The Journey Home

Timeless Dance

Together We Make New


Under Sky of Blue

Where Sky Meets Sea


With Arms Outstretched

With Flight of Dream

With Life, Love

With Love Embrace

Without Reason I Will Love

With Scent of Apple

With Softest Touch



My first commissioned public artwork was in 1982. My main emphasis is on the interaction of ideas (the title of a work) with its form, tone, and colour. In recent years the interplay of my love of symmetry and abstract art increasingly interacts with figurative, magical, and representational elements.

Art Gifted In Perpetuity

Above The Clouds

A Breath of All That Gives Me Heart


A Chattering World

A City By The Sea

A Crown Awaits

After The Flood

Against the Winds of Time

Against This Ocean Sky

A Glass Half Full

Ahead Of The Wave

All Ears

All At Sea

All Is Light


Almost Human

A House on A Hill

A Long Walk

A Meeting Of Similar Minds


An Ancient Model of the Universe

A Painter's Paradise

A Person of Interest

A Portrait Of Miss Havisham

Art And Danger

Arctic Circle, Christmas Day

Art and Danger

Article One

As Clouds Collide

As Deer Your Spirit Loved

As Far As The Eye Can See


Asleep In Dream We Meet

Asleep We Fall

As Life Begins

As Light Begins The Flowers Wake

As Moments Fade

A Short Dance

As Sky Falls

As Sky Meets Sea

As Snow Throws Soft Its Shield

A Stranger On A Hill

As Yet Unconquered



Autumn Poppies

Awake I Dream As Much Asleep

Awake With All I Am

Awash With Summer Light


Bare Bone

Barn Owl

Basingstoke in Winter

Beauty And Light

Beauty and Rain

Beauty and The Day

Because Of You


Becoming Closer

Beechwood Bluebells

Before Morning

Before You Leave

Be Free As Rush Of Wave

Be Free of Violence


Below The Surface
Below The Sun A Flower Grows

Be More Each Day

Beneath My Wings

Beneath The Waves

Beneath This Dream Of Stars

Be Strong My Heart

Be Well

Beyond Our Moments of Pretence

Beyond the Window There For All The World to See

Big Wave, Little Diver

Bird Life

Bird With Summer Rain

Birds Sing



Bare Bark Blue Wood

Bare Bone

Black Ice

Blue Whale and Sea

Blue White Boat and Rope

Blue Spiral

Bound Together

Breathe Deep This Light Of Day

Breathe Deep This World

Breathe Out This Air

Bubble Roof & Clouds

Bulge in Space

Burgeoning Cloud

Burn Bright This Night


Butterfly Wings

Butterflies At Dawn

Calm Beneath The Waves

Cedar Planks and Blue Sky


Chestnut And Pomegranate

Circle Game

City of Light

City Home

City Rain

Close To The Earth

Clothes To Fit The Average Consumer


Cloud Cover

Clouds Billow, The Sun Sets

Clouds Kiss

Concrete, Steel, and Sky

Cool & Isolated Beauty

Cool Limbs To Fingered Heat

Copper & Rust Celestial Beauty

Coral World

Coral Tree

Crashing Waves With Cloud And Storm

Darkness and Life

Darkness and Light

Darkness Falls


Day and Night



Dark Cloud Alight

Deep Breath

Deeply Ploughed Field

Deep Red Flower Head

Delicate Pink & White Flowers


Desert Twister

Do Not End

Do Not Leave Me

Do Not Look Upon My Face


Digital Fruit

Distant Unknown Star


Doors in Sunlight

Dream New The World

Dream Tree

Drowning Light

Dry Drop Canyon

Earth and Sky

Earthly Blossom

Echoed Nave

Earth, Life, and Sky



Elephantus Extinctus

Embrace: One to Six


End One Thing: War

Enfolded Starlight Whisper Close

Endless Orbit


Epic Clouds

Epic Frozen Wilderness


Eye Sight

Face To Face · The Coming Light

Fall Dust Of Woodland Floor


Far Away

Far Away on Mountain Peak

Far Beneath The Sea


Feathered Cloud

Feathers Water and Light

Few Fly As Once Upon This Land

Fields of Plenty

Find Me Here

Fish in Water with Fire

Flamingos Water and Sky

Flight Through Cloud

Flower Buds

Flowered Light

Flowers, Seeds, And Stars


Fly Paper

Fly Puffin Fly

Find Me Here

Fire and Sky

Following My Path

Following Our Disagreement

Forest Fire

Flowers of the Future

Forest Deep

Forest Life

Four Score And Ten


Friendship And Sunlight

From One World To The Next

From Seed To Sky

Form over Function

Fragile Earth

From Earth To Sky

From One Place To The Next


Frozen Citadel

Frozen Wilderness

Future Bound

Garden World
Gentle As The Breeze

Gently Flowing Golden Light

Globe Thistle After Rain

Golden Corrugated Roof

Golden Evening Light

Golden Globed Horizon

Golden Harvest

Golden Monolith

Golden Nectar

Grace At Night Under The Clouds

Grass And Light

Grey Fruit

Grow Tall Under The Sun

Guardian Angel

Harbour Borne

Harris Hawk



Hear Me

Heavenly Body

Hillside and Mist


Hold Me

Hole On A Hill

Home City



House Boat

I Am More Than The Sum Of My Parts

Ice Blue Mist

I Dance The Night Away

Il Giardino

I Listen

In Cold Of Winter Snow

In Cold Of Winter Wood

In Crowded Field I Stand Alone

In Deep of Night My World Unknown

I Dream With You In Hope And Fear

I Know My Heart


In Fear of Nightfall

Inheritance Beyond

In Light Of Faith

In Morning Light Ablaze

Inner Ear

Inner Strength

In Place Of Needless Loss

In Search of Grace

In Search Of Peace

Inside Me

In Sight Of Spirit Strong

In Solitude Of Silence

In the Driving Seat

In Times Of Darkness

Into The Distance

Island Whale

I Want To See

I Will Not Turn Away

I Wonder


Land of Plenty

Lake Of White And Winter Ice

Lake With Sun, Moon, And Stars

Laid To Rest

La Tour Eiffel

Leaf Life

Leaf Litter

Life In The Deep

Liberty and Innocence

Light and Movement

Light Storehouse

Llyn Gwynant Lake

Llynnau Cregennen

Long Lived

Long Loved

Long Standing Kind Heart

Look Not Upon My Face


Look Out

Looking My Best

Look Out Upon The Ocean Deep

Look Up At This Our Moon

Lost in Light

Lost In The Moment

Lost Painting

Lud's Church

Luminous Cars and Light

Luminescent Grass Seed

Luminous Living Seed

Magical Mountain Pass


Magical Wood

Magical Forest Bird

Map Of The Universe


MESSAGE End This War

Metropolis And The Fruits Of Our Labour

Mizzenmast and Weather Vane

Mike de Sousa

Moon And Winter Falls



Moonlight, Sky, and Sea


Moorland Wilderness

Monolithic Cliffs and Clouds

Mother and Daughter

Mother Earth

My Child

My Dreamworld Far From View

My First My Last

My Forest Of Lost Dream

My First My Last

My Inner Life

My Love With Flower Rests

My Mane Of Blue

My Mona Lisa

My Shortest Day

My Sleepless Night

Mystery And Light

My Solitary Life

My Strength

Mythic Clouds

Mythical Clouds

My World Transformed


New Life

Newport Footbridge

No Man's Land

Northern Light

Northern Rainstorm Approaches

Not Of This World

Oak and Early Summer Light

Oakley, Late November

Ocean Bloom

Ocean Breath

Oil Spill

Old Minster

Once More Alone

Once Upon A Time

One Small Square Of Earth

On Sea Of Life They Gaze

On The Edge Of Life

Ophelia's Resting Place

Our City World Of Dream And Cloud

Our Homeless Voice

Our Inner World

Our Journey Shared

Our Life Within

Our Nighttime Prayer

Our Spiralled Walk In World Of Light

Pale Yellow Flume


Passing Cloud, Windswept Sky

Pacific Island Mist

Pebbles and Waves


Polar Bear

Poppies and Sunlight

Portrait of The Queen of Earth with Climate Changed



Rabbit Hole

Railway Tracks At Edinburgh Waverley
Rain Falls

Rappenspitze After Rain Falls

Red Gaze


Restless Ridge

Ribbon Light

Rippled Water World

Rising Tide


Roaming Free

Rolling Hills With Winter Moon

Rooted To This Place

Rose Of Jericho

Rose Window Sky and Road

Mike's artwork was chosen for exhibition at The King's Place, London, by the art critic Jonathan Jones

Sap Rising

Salisbury Cathedral



Sea of Sand

Seeking Refuge


Shallow Lake at Sunrise

Shelter From The Rain

Ships In The Night

Shoulder To Shoulder

Show Me

Shine Far

Side By Side


Skin and Bone

Skin To Skin

Sky Light

Skylights and Canopy

Sky, Mist & Sea


Small Green Lizard

So Close

So Far

Soft Blue & Beautiful

Soft Upon The Sea

Solar Aurora

Spinning Top

Spiral Blue Shell

Spirit Dance

Spirit Man

Spiral Galaxies

Spring Begins

Spring Flower


Static Charge

Station Ribcage

Step Light And Dark

Steel Works The Earth Dies

Still Light

Still Squirrels Hold Their Breath

Storm at Sea

Storm Fast Approaching

Stormy Sky & White Sailed Yacht

Stradivarius Liberatus

String Theory

Suction Pad


Sun and Cloud


Sunlit Walled Windowed Home


Summer Bright and Hills

Summer Life





Sunset Over Mountains

Surprise and Love


Suspended Light and Dark





Take Flight


Temple Of The Spirit

Tenderness And Night

The Angel Of Hope

The Angel Of My Dreams

The Arms Of Light Enfold

The Art of Becoming

The Beauty Of Flight

The Beauty Of Your Land

The Big City

The Birth Of Light

The Blue Heron

The Bread We Share
The Buzz Of Fly

This Brightness Breached

The Call Of Life

The Call Of The Wild

The Care of Others

The Chambers of My Heart

The Change Within Me

The Child Within

The Cloud's Breath

The Clouds, Haw Frost and Trees

The Coming Cloud

The Crash Of Wave And Cloud

The Crescent Moon In Winter

The Cruelty Of Man

The Crypt

The Flowers We Give

The Force of Nature, Wind, and Wave

The Fruit Of Our Love

The Dance of Fish Beneath The Waves

The Dance of Life

The Deep and Clouded Cobalt Sky

The Dreams We Share

The Echoes Of Our Spired World

The End Of The Beginning

The Euclidean Plane

The Face of Dreams

The Fall Of Light

The Fall Of Sky

The Fallen Birds of Youth

The Far Future Today

The Fields Of War

The First Day of Winter

The First Insect of Spring

The Fog of Dream

The Fountain of Youth

The Future of Powered Flight

The Gallery

The Garden of My Dreams

The Heart Of Singapore

The Heavens Open

The Hold of Light

The Last of My Kind

The Light Beyond

The Journey Begins

The Journey Within

The Kiss of Autumn Light

The Last Day of Autumn

The Last Rose of Summer

The Limbs of Earth

The Line That Divides Us

The Long View

The Loss of You

The Journey

The Journey Begins

The Journey Of Our Ancestors

The Land That Time Forgot

The Limbs of Earth

The Limbs of Winter Wood

The Long View

The Long Wait

The Loss of You

The Love of Morning

The Mind's Eye

The Minotaur

The Mist of Love

The Movement Of Our Time

The Natural World

The Needles

The New Me

The Ocean Loved

The Power Of Sight

The Promise Of World Unknown

The Right To Love

The Rose of Jericho

The Rush of Water

The Rush of Wave

The Sadness of Parting

The Search For Privacy

The Smile of Sun Upon Our World

The Scent of Spring

The Scratch And Scar Of Marbled World

The Seeds of Stars

The Shape Of Things To Come

The Snowflake and the Star

The Solitude Of Silence

The Sound Of Light

The Staircase

The Start of Something New

The Stillness Of My Life

The Sky Unfolds

The Temptation of Light

The Thread and Reach of Life

The Time

The Touch Of Sea To Land

The Touch Of Snow

The Turning Tide

The Valley of Dreams

The Very Fibre Of Our Lives

The Walkway

The Wash Of Water

The Whale

The Wheel Turns

The Whisper of Small Things

The Winds Of Change

The Wings of Sleep

The Wood Where As A Child I Walked

The World Before And After

The World Unseen

The Wounds Of World

The Wren In Winter

This Place of Beauty Stay

Thunder Pass This Way

Threads of Life

Three Spoons

Through the Cracks in My World

This Emerald Land

This Field Of Thorn And Seed

This Gentle Light Descends

This Place of Beauty Stay

This Place Where We Belong


Those Most Vulnerable Disappear

Through the Cracks in My World

Timeless Dance



Tomorrows Highway

Train Station Canopy

Trees Ablaze

Treelight In Late Autumn

Turtle Life

Turn Away

Two Dance In Time They Dance As Twenty Two

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Twin Sunflowers

Twist Me

Two Peacocks

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Under Blue of Starlit Sky

Under Sky Of Blue

Unfurl this Scent of Spring

Venice: Twenty Two Fifty

Vertical Blindside


Walk Light This Way

Waiting For You

Wave and Wing

Wave Upon Wave

Washed Away

Waiting for the Lift

Waiting For The Moon

Waiting In The Darkness

Waverley Station

Wave Upon Wave

Waves With Cloud And Storm


We Meet Through Lens Of Dream

We Who Swim

Whale Song

When I Feel No More
Where Day Ends And Night Begins

Where Land & Sky Converse

Where Once a Ladybird Stood

Where Once A River Flowed

White Hot

White Sun, High Cloud


Wild Flower In Still Water

Wild Meadow Flowers

Wilderness Mist and Trees

Willow Leaves and Sunlight

Will You Look At That!

Windowed City

Winter Blossom

Winter Copse

Winter's Flower

With Arms Outstretched

With Flight of Dream

With Love Be Strong

With You I Am Never Lost

Wings of Light

Winter's Flower

With Brush of Autumn Light

With Darkness And Light

With Frozen Sleep We Lay

With Time I Change

Within A Calm & Gentle Soul

With Life and Beauty

With Life Enfold

With Life Love

With Limbs Of Light

With Love in Mind

With Love of World

Without Reason I Will Love

With Softest Touch

With Sound Body

With Time

With You

With You I Am Never Lost

Woman Spirit

Wood and Sunlit Tree


Working Man Under Strong Sunlight

You and I

Young Corn Silk

Young Love

Young Trees In Winter Snow

You Set Me Free

Zebra Crossing


My writing is focused on developing the short form. From the expression of philosophical, aesthetic, and political commentary, to poetry and short fiction.

"Wonderfully written and beautifully poetic…" Bloomsbury

Words Gifted In Perpetuity


A Fleeting Thought Make Known

After Sunrise

Alone Or With

A Moment Fast


As Art Become

As Free As Flame

As Ocean Blue and Forest Green

As Real As Dream

As Snow Throws Soft Its Shield

As Summer Light


Awake I Dream As Much Asleep

As Ocean Blue and Forest Green

As Whispered Air on Secret Shore

As Woodland Walk

At First Sight


Awake I Dream As Much Asleep


Beauty Bound

Before I Sleep

Be Loved Upon This Day

Be Strong My Heart

Between The Breath Of Bird And Early Morning Song

Bird To Sky

Black and White

Breathe Deep This Dawn

By Water's Edge

Come Dance This Day

Compared With You


Deep Breath

Deep Ocean Light Deep Ocean Light

Do I Mind

Do Not End

Fall Dust Of Woodland Floor

Far More Than Life Or Love Unseen

Flowered Light

Fly Paper

For Sea of Rising Blue and Crashing Wave

For This Your luminescent Flight

For Those Whose Warmth Will Never More Find Light

From Start of Breath

Future Bound

Give More

I Am and I Become

I Dream

If I Could Give

I Have No Idea

In Light We Dance

I Listen

Immeasurably Less

In Honour Of Their Life

Inner Light

In Place of Needless Loss

In This Uncertain Land


Know This Place: Be True

Light And Love

Loss and Love


Lost In My Moment

Mother Earth


Mother Earth


My Anchor, Word, and Memory

My Love Is Now

My Mane of Blue

My Near and Far

My Sound of Woodland Soft and Endless Stream

My Tender Warmth Of Distant Light

Know This Place Be True

Of Body And Mind

One Day

Our Family - One World

Our Night Draws Near

Our World


Rose Window Sky and Road

"Bold and Innovative…" Picador


Ser Feliz

Shine Far and Long


Sky and Cloud

Silence In The Storm of Night


So Close

Something Lost, Something Found


Swathe Soft Our Touch

The All and None of This

To Be To You As You To Me

The Breath of Bird

The Colour of Glass

The Fall of Sky

The Fast Approaching Storm

The First of May

The Gentle Shore

The Heartbeats of Our Day

The Inner World of Plants

The Kiss of Autumn Light

The Light Of Day

The Loss Of Less

The Love That Still I Yearn

The One Who Is Afraid

The Sky Above, The Sea, The Earth

The Stillness Of My Life

The Tide of Our Embrace

The Truth About Lies

The Wheel Turns

Three Billion Years

This Cobalt Sky

This Field of Thorn and Seed

This Wondered Light

Thunder Pass This Way


To Love

Two Peacocks

Under Blue of Starlit Sky


We Are But One

We Talk

What Power You Have

When You And I First Met

Wingbeat and Flower

With Arms of Light Enfold

With Breath Held Fast

With Fall Of Night

With Light Become

With Love

With Happy Song Become

With Hope and Song


With Life, Love

With Light Become

With Moon And Heart

Without Doubt

With Open Eyes

With Shallow Breath and Song

Without Doubt

With Whispered Cloud

With Wood In Night And Day

With You


Your Voice

Collected Thoughts

With And Alone


The Burial of Georgio Sánchez

Short Stories

A Day In The Life Of Nadiya

A Day In The Life Of Delphis

Story and Picture Book

The Sun Shines


I am the author of The Rights of Living Things, Active Pacifist, The Craft of Art, and a number of other publications that seek to advance thought and debate about art, environmental and social issues.

More than ten million people have visited my online publications.

"Full of marvellous things…" Martin Secker and Warburg

Publications Gifted In Perpetuity

100 Artworks

2045 AI

500 Portraits: One Me · One Family

Abstention Today

Active Pacifist

Altruism Today

Art Lover Radio

Be Free of Violence

Be Kind Today

Craft As Art

Do Not End

Encyclopedia Utopia

Enjoy This Today

Fragile Earth

Lunar Mission Gallery

Make Peace Today

My First My Last

One Family One World

Personal Safety For Doctors

Philanthropic Art

Public Art World

Sky and Cloud

The Craft of Art

The Profit of Art

The Rights of Living Things

The World Without Love

The World Without Money

Think This Today

With Life, Love

With Loss, Love


The following creative projects are in progress or at the planning stage.

All are intended to be made freely available.

These publications are in addition to the single works that I will create.

A Map Of All That Is Good In The World

How Creative Am I?

The Good Profit

The Start and Stop of Life

The Teeniest Tiniest Book In The Whole Wide World

The World Without Me

Things I Fail to See


Art is an intrinsic part of human experience. Art is not an accessory to our daily existence, it is essential. Through art we meet, we discuss, we debate what it is to be human, what it is that drives us apart, and what it is that brings us together.

Public Art: art produced in any media that is free to access, whether in the real world or online.

I am currently developing ways that aim to ensure my creative work continues to be made freely available to all in perpetuity.

"Beautiful and Full of Emotion!" Eleni Mylona, Singer Songwriter


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